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How to view Facebook photos with Pixable Photofeed

Pixable Photofeed is a free Facebook photo-browsing app for the iPhone or iPad.

By Oct. 6, 2011


Facebook, the Timeline, and the difference between consuming and creating

An update to the otherwise great Pixable photo viewing app illustrates that not all Timeline verbs should be streamed into the Timeline.

By Feb. 17, 2012


Pinterest design spreading like a virus, because it works

There are good reasons why more sites every day look like Pinterest. Some are intentionally built to mimic the site. Others ended up with the same design for different reasons... they say.

By Mar. 22, 2012


Facebook adds 12 media apps to its Timeline roster

The Daily Show, MSNBC.com, and MTV News are now readily accessible apps on the social network via Open Graph.

By Feb. 16, 2012