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Beats Music isn't interested in freeloading listeners, CEO says

The new subscription-music service lacks an ad-backed, free version. Its chief executive says he fundamentally disagrees with anyone who wants the option.

By Jan. 21, 2014


Shaq's tweets are OK, but Lily Allen's are sexier

Notable athletes use Twitter and so do some famous musicians. Pitchforkmedia.com has compiled sample tweets from the likes of Coldplay and Trent Reznor.

By Feb. 5, 2009


Why buy music when you can stream it?

Today's fans have a different "relationship" with artists, one not based on buying music.

By Jun. 19, 2013


Popular Science silences its comments section

Explaining that comments are bad for science and backing it up with -- well, science -- the 141-year-old magazine is shutting down the comments section on its Web site.

By Sep. 24, 2013


Tech Retrospect: Snowden speaks and Mac turns 30

Miss a few stories this week? We'll get you up to speed with this rundown of all the tech news.

By Jan. 24, 2014


Flash Player back in UK Android app store, thanks to BBC

Flash for Android has risen from its stinking grave to haunt us once more. And it's all thanks to BBC iPlayer.

By Aug. 31, 2012


Was 2008 a crummy year in music?

I've only purchased 9 recordings made this year.

By Dec. 19, 2008


Watch out Pandora: New app brings Spotify to iOS

One of the main differences between Spotify and Pandora is the ability to listen to streaming radio on iOS--a new app called SpotON Radio may be a game changer for Pandora listeners.

By Jan. 25, 2012


Google Play Music All Access vs. Spotify

Google's latest subscription music service may not be up to the challenge of taking on Spotify.

By May. 17, 2013


Some iTunes special promotions aren't so special

Apple highlighted nine indie songs that iTunes offered for 69 cents. The discerning shopper can pick up at least five of the tunes for free elsewhere.

By Nov. 1, 2010