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pirates vs. ninjas


App turns you and your pals into pirates, ninjas

Pirate Ninja uses Apple's face detection technology to put pirate hats and ninja masks on group photos.

By October 18, 2011


Buddy Media raises $6.5 million, launches ad network

The company responsible for putting Pirates vs. Ninjas all over your Facebook news feed raises funding from Softbank Capital with contributions from Ron Conway, the European Founders Fund, and others.

By April 15, 2008


Science Fiction writer take on Internet pirates, Part II

Glaskowsky continues his discussion of the SFWA vs. Scribd controversy.

By September 3, 2007


Blu-ray vs HD DVD: Captain Jack lays the smackdown on Neo

If you thought the HD DVD versus Blu-ray battle was just about hardware, think again -- now we've got The Matrix fighting Pirates of the Caribbean in this ever more ridiculous format scuffle

By June 5, 2007