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Ping app makes e-mail more like chat

With color themes, doodles, voice messaging, and even video chat, the iPhone app feels more like WhatsApp than your traditional e-mail account.

By Sep. 5, 2013


Ping smart wallet tells you when cards go astray

To help stop theft or loss, this Bluetooth card holder will emit sounds when cards are removed or not returned promptly. The wallet can also make noise if you misplace it entirely.

By Aug. 19, 2013


Bazooka shoots ping-pong balls at Mach speed

A professor who once worked as an aeronautical engineer creates the ultimate ping-pong ball cannon to help students learn about dynamics.

By Feb. 12, 2013


Ping is dead, banished from iTunes after it updates

Apple has finally pulled the plug on its pathetic social network Ping, replacing it with Facebook integration.

By Sep. 13, 2012


65,000 ping-pong balls turn pool party into cool party

Promoters use thousands of ping-pong balls, projected lights, and synchronized swimmers to create the ultimate interactive swimming show.

By Jan. 30, 2013


Apple to kill Ping with next version of iTunes?

Evidence is mounting that Apple is about to knock Ping -- its unpopular musical social network -- on the head.

By Jun. 13, 2012


Cook on Ping: 'Will we kill it? I don't know'

Apple's top exec says Ping clearly didn't resonate with customers, but that he was unsure about whether it would be killed off.

By May. 29, 2012


Apple's Ping officially closes, disappears from within iTunes

The social network for music officially closes up shop today. Its users have had about a month to save anything important.

By Oct. 1, 2012


Apple to pull plug on social music network Ping on September 30

Company's music-centric social service -- largely viewed as an Apple misstep -- becomes obsolete with greater Facebook and Twitter integration in iTunes.

By Sep. 12, 2012


Michael Jackson on Ping

Verizon is set to light up its 4G network, YouTube lets you skip ads, and a new song from the deceased King of Pop debuts exclusively on Apple's social music service.

By Dec. 2, 2010