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<strike>Pigs</strike> Cars might fly: PAL-V flying three-wheeler due by 2011

Pigs Cars might fly: PAL-V flying three-wheeler due by 2011

By October 3, 2007


Why capitalist pigs would be good for Mozilla

It turns out that capitalism is good for open source, even for Firefox browser maker Mozilla. Matt Asay has some advice for CEO Mitchell Baker.

By August 12, 2007


USB keys for 'Year of the Pig'

Special commemorative set reflects new wealth

By January 3, 2007


DARTdevices promises seamless mobility, and flying pigs

DARTdevices makes a technology that allows data and apps on mobile and fixed devices to sync up.

By February 1, 2007


Three little pigs

Samsung reveals three new phones packed with features

By December 4, 2006


Microsoft, the Zune, and getting beaten at its own game

The Zune came out. Did you notice? More importantly, will you buy it? Probably not.

By October 3, 2007


Firefox turns 400 million; looking to Eclipse for where to go next

Mozilla has done an exceptional job of growing the user base of Firefox. It should become more like Eclipse to ensure the next decade of growth and utility.

By September 9, 2007


Avoiding the very appearance of evil at Google

Google has a tremendous amount of power, and it grows daily. Here's what the company should do to guard against its best (and worst) intentions.

By September 1, 2007


Eclipse, a new model for open-source innovation

I was fortunate to spend a half-hour on the phone with Mike Milinkovich of the Eclipse Foundation today, and learned a great deal about how open-source communities can organize and profit.

By August 15, 2007