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Protect your premises from wiretapping.

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Artificial Tactile Sensing in Biomedical Engineering by Siamak Najarian

Artificial Tactile Sensing in Biomedical Engineering Siamak Najarian McGraw-Hill Professional April 27, 2009 Master Artificial Tactile Sensing...

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Appliance Timer

Appliance Timer is a simple countdown timer application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.There are several other timers available, but they tend to be...

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Nanoribbons let beating hearts power their own pacemakers

Researchers show that materials called piezoelectrics, packaged onto flexible strips attached to animal hearts, can supply power for medical devices where batteries pose problems.

By January 20, 2014


Could laptops be recharged by typing alone?

Piezoelectric technology being studied at RMIT University in Australia might lead to laptops that can be recharged by typing alone.

By June 24, 2011


Researchers getting closer to 'everlasting battery'

Imagine a world where the battery on your favorite device doesn't get low anymore. Researchers in Australia may have finally found the key to an everlasting battery.

By June 21, 2011


MIT produces fibers that can speak, hear

Imagine clothing made of fibers whose electrical properties include the ability to register and produce sound. MIT researchers are experimenting with such fibers.

By July 12, 2010


Harvesting energy from falling raindrops

Scientists are looking at ways to produce electricity from the vibrations caused by falling raindrops.

By January 28, 2008


San Francisco sprouts a 'Chia' nightclub

A hanging garden on a dance club's facade is the seed of plans to give people a place to get down without the green guilt.

By December 13, 2007