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Capture images, share them, and take backup anytime.

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Picturelife | Cloud Backup for all your Photos and Videos

Effortless backup for all of your photos and videos no matter where you take them. Easily find any photo you've ever taken, add a beautiful filter...

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Sherish - Backup, Protect, Import & Share Your Family Photo Library with Unlimited Storage

You take great photos. Give them a great home.To celebrate the launch of Sherish you can try it FREE for 6 MONTHS! (this offer will...


Will Apple's Photos app solve 'photo bankruptcy'?

Commentary: Apple's new app coming for iOS 8 and the Mac looks promising, with cloud backup for all your pictures. It may be the answer so many have waited for.

By June 3, 2014


Get a lifetime subscription to PasswordBox for $9.99

That's less than what you'd pay for a single year. Ten bucks and you've solved your password problems forever.

By May 30, 2014


Picture overload makes me want to declare 'photo bankruptcy'

Unable to keep up with all the pictures he takes, Danny Sullivan wonders if it's time to give up trying to organize them all. Or can cloud-based services help?

By August 15, 2013


Flickr's 1TB for photos is great, but how about a smart shoebox?

commentary More space for online photo storage is a welcome move, but it's also like having a bigger "shoebox" where more of your photos get lost. How about an increase in organization?

By May 20, 2013