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Picture this: Photosynth debuts for Windows Phone 8

The popular app for stitching together photos includes new features such as camera lens integration, more camera controls, and the ability to view shared panoramas.

By March 1, 2013


Microsoft delivers Photosynth panorama app to Windows Phone

The company's application is available for free, and lets customers stitch together several photos into a single panoramic view.

By May 30, 2012


Why just panorama when you can Photosynth?

Microsoft's Photosynth turns any collection of photos into an amazing 3D view of the world. The more pictures, the better!

By April 15, 2012


The best of Photosynth

We'll never tire of the brain-melting swooshy-whooshy 3D photo tool Photosynth. We've picked our favourite 'synths' and they'll blow your mind

By November 23, 2009


Microsoft iPhone app creates panoramic photos

Microsoft's free Photosynth iPhone app can stitch together multiple photos taken in any direction to create a single panoramic picture.

By April 19, 2011


MySynths puts Photosynth inside Facebook

Want to share your Photosynth creations with Facebook friends? Now you can with a simple application that inserts them on Facebook pages.

By August 12, 2009


Microsoft's Photosynth captures inaugural moment

CNN calls on viewers to submit their inaugural photos, then uses the Microsoft labs technology to allow the moment to be viewed from many angles.

By January 20, 2009


Microsoft maps get Photosynth panoramas

The Photosynth technology immersing oneself in a virtual view of a location now is integrated with Microsoft's online maps.

By November 6, 2008


Take photos and turn them into 3D

Microsoft Live Labs' latest project is actually an old one with a new twist. Photosynth lets you stitch together an entire roll of photos into dazzling 3D environments. CNET News' Ina Fried sits down with Microsoft's Gary William Flake to chat about what you can do with this new technology.

By August 21, 2008