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In Adobe's new ​Lightroom, multiple photos can now meld into one

The photography software just got a little more powerful with two technologies for merging a series of frames into one -- panoramas and multiple exposures.

By April 21, 2015


​Microsoft puts some pizzazz into panoramic photos

The company's ICE software now can stitch video frames into panoramic images and fill in inevitable gaps. It shows the field of computational photography is still in its early days.

By February 5, 2015


Lightroom 4.1 arrives; Aperture users, be patient

Adobe tucks in HDR editing and lens correction features that apparently didn't make the cut for Lightroom 4.0. Also: a high-profile Aperture user threatens to defect after feeling left in the dark.

By May 30, 2012


Exposure Explains: HDR with Jason Ruth

Ever wanted to dabble in high dynamic range (HDR) photography? Seasoned photographer Jason Ruth shows you how to get started.

By March 27, 2012


Adobe refines HDR tool with Photoshop CS6

The free beta of Photoshop CS6 has updated algorithms, options, and presets for those who like high-dynamic-range images. But improved standard editing tools encroach on HDR's turf.

By March 23, 2012


Group brings HDR photo technique to video

In a new demonstration, the nouveau style of high dynamic range photography meets the frontier of SLR video for a dreamy look at San Francisco.

By September 10, 2010


Photoshop CS5 tries advancing photo frontier

Automatic lens corrections, HDR photography, and automated editing tools are among the new features of Adobe's flagship image-editing software.

By April 11, 2010


'Tis the season to Crave: Stephen Shankland's picks

Digital photography is a great hobby, so there's an enticing world of accessories. Here's what caught my eye during this season of consumerism.

By December 23, 2008


Indecent Exposure 25: Infinite exposures

Guest Jack Howard's illuminations and ruminations on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging.

By October 9, 2008


Learn the secrets of HDR photography

xTrain launches an online high dynamic range (HDR) photography course.

By April 16, 2008