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Where is that naughty little phish?

Security advice for Artie MacStrawman

By Feb. 13, 2008


Phish leads the way with free live recordings

Phish is confident enough in its live performances to give recordings away. Hopefully, this becomes standard practice for bands with great live shows.

By Mar. 9, 2009


Live Nation can't keep up with Phish demand

Millions went online to buy tickets for the fabled jam band's reunion but Ticketmaster's first serious competitor failed its first serious test.

By Feb. 2, 2009


Google+ Local hotel listings commandeered

For unknown reasons, more than 3,000 hotel Web site listings on Google+ Local now point to third-party booking sites.

By Jan. 14, 2014


Hackers transform EA Web page into Apple ID phishing scheme

One of the game maker's servers is breached -- allowing hackers to create a phony Apple log-in screen that prompts users for personal information. EA says it now has the situation under control.

By Mar. 19, 2014


Must-have live recordings at Grooveshark

Grooveshark is a great source for sampling live shows before you buy them.

By Nov. 13, 2009


A bad day in Twitterland

It's becoming increasingly clear that Twitter needs to follow Google, Microsoft, and Apple in providing two-factor authentication sooner rather than later.

By Apr. 23, 2013


Yahoo's Mayer gives phone passcodes a pass

commentary Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer confesses that she doesn't use a passcode to protect her smartphone, which goes to show you how hard it is to get people to take reasonable precautions. But it's also an improper risk for a major corporate leader.

By Sep. 11, 2013


Facebook battles phishing by reaching out to users

In an effort to protect users and curb phishing, the social network gives users a select e-mail address to send reports of the illegal practice.

By Aug. 9, 2012


How to avoid, remove Facebook malware

Nowadays, Facebook is filled with spammy posts and fake applications. Sharon Vaknin gives you a tutorial on how Facebook malware is contracted, how to avoid it, and ways to remove it.

By Jun. 14, 2011