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Citizen scientists map 1,400 defibrillators in Philly contest

More than 300 people in an eight-week crowdsourcing contest search for automated external defibrillators in over 525 buildings across Philadelphia.

By November 5, 2012


Philly challenge to map thousands of AEDs could go national

The MyHeartMap challenge encourages laypeople to hunt down life-saving automated external defibrillators and use their smartphones to transmit photos and locations to researchers building a database.

By February 29, 2012


Philly papers offering subscribers $99 Android tablet

The Philadelphia Media Network, owner of two newspapers and the Philly.com Web site, is now offering an Android tablet for $99 to anyone who signs up for a two-year subscription.

By September 13, 2011


Philly to increase distracted driving, biking enforcement

After this story's publication, Andrew Stober, of the Philadelphia Office of Transportation and Utilities, clarified that people texting while walking will receive warnings from police officers but won't be fined or ticketed.

By July 21, 2011


Philly to increase distracted driving, biking enforcement

To keep its streets safer, Philadelphia expands a program cracking down on certain moving violations by drivers and cyclists, and will caution people who use their cell phones while crossing streets.

By July 19, 2011


Philly subway to capture energy from braking trains

The smart grid goes underground in Philadelphia, where a battery will store energy from regenerative braking, cutting power costs and earning revenue on the grid.

By September 1, 2010


Philly targets Facebook, Twitter after snowball fight turns ugly

Two city council members petition the mayor to sue social media sites because they allegedly don't do enough to monitor the organization of criminal activity.

By February 17, 2010


Investors save Philly's Wi-Fi network

A group of investors steps in at the eleventh hour to save Philadelphia's citywide Wi-Fi network, which was set to be shut down this month.

By June 17, 2008


Philly's Wi-Fi network in jeopardy

EarthLink is supposedly threatening to shut down Philadelphia's citywide Wi-Fi network as it negotiates a way out of its 10-year contract to build and run the network.

By May 9, 2008


Phillies 1, Mitsubishi 0

The mob wrecked Ted Passon's car. Now he's asking them to fix it.

By October 30, 2008