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LG 60PH6700

The LG 60PH6700 offers plenty of extras and a mostly good picture but the plasma competition is a little too fierce.

August 9, 2013

3.5 stars Editors' rating August 9, 2013

Explaining Ph.D. science theses through interpretive dance

Break out your scientific dancing shoes. Ph.D. students from around the world show off interpretive dance versions of their theses.

By October 18, 2012


Sony Vaio E series laptop early review: Phat with a 'ph'

Sony unveiled its brand-spanking-new E-series laptop today and as sure as eggs is eggs, Crave was on hand to get its greasy, tech-obsessed paws on it

2 Images By February 3, 2010


Ocean XPrize reels in teams for acid tests

With sea life is in danger due to rising ocean acidification, the Wendy Schmidt Ocean XPrize kicks off with $2 million in prize money on the line for the best methods for measuring ocean pH levels.

By September 4, 2014


Ears-on the Teufel AC 9050 PH headphones

If you thought the Germans were good at producing cars, wait 'til you hear the headphones they're flogging for just £60. Teufel just launched its first pair of hi-fi cans, and we've been testing them

3 Images By February 24, 2009


Hitachi PH401

Although it's inexpensive, Hitachi's P50H401 50-inch plasma produces one of the least impressive pictures we've seen lately.

January 2, 2008

2.5 stars Editors' rating January 2, 2008

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Panasonic TH-PH10UK

While still offering excellent all-around picture quality, the "professional" Panasonic TH-50PH10UK plasma TV isn't quite as good a bargain as its "consumer" cousins.

September 21, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 21, 2007

Panasonic TH-50PH9UK

Although its features can't compete with those of typical consumer plasmas, the pro Panasonic TH-50PH9UK's excellent picture quality and price make it the best value at this size, bar none.

May 21, 2008

Editors' Take

Panasonic TH-PH9UK

CNET checks out the Panasonic TH-PH9UK series, the company's 2006 line of industrial plasma HDTVs.

August 16, 2006

MSRP: $1,995.00


Correction: How CO2 affects the oceans

This story was corrected to clarify how carbon dioxide affects the oceans' pH acidity.

By March 2, 2012