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Pets.com gives a blast from the dot bomb past

As Twitter debuts on the New York Stock Exchange, Pets.com and its sock puppet mascot remember the anniversary of one of the biggest busts of the dot-com bubble.

By November 7, 2013


Wag.com summons ghost of Pets.com

Can you really make money selling dog food online? No, but Wag.com is going to do it anyway.

By July 6, 2011


Post-Twitter IPO: Time to fret about a new tech bubble?

This much is clear: Things are getting frothy out there. But does the stock market's reaction to Twitter's IPO mean another tech bubble is forming?

By November 7, 2013


Why the Facebook whine-fest goes off the deep end

Here's one instance where Willie Sutton's dictum gets it wrong. Following the money leads you to ask the wrong questions.

By May 22, 2012


Dear Zynga, Markpincus.com is expired

The CEO of the social gaming giant has had a placeholder Web site for years. Now the registration has expired, and Zynga risks embarrassment--and danger--from losing the domain.

By February 29, 2012


How to profit from the social-media 'Storyteller Uprising'

Check out this free (for now) e-book on telling stories via social media--useful for anyone with a product, service or idea to sell.

By February 14, 2012


Google+ wants to usher in the masses. Can it?

It's going to take more than TV commercials to convince the world that Google+ is a better place to share stuff than Facebook.

By November 25, 2011


Venture funding hits two-year high in 2010

Venture funding in the fourth quarter rose to new heights, but are investors stuck in a froth or are there real businesses being built?

By January 12, 2011


That 'P' in PHP stands for 'pink': It's Nerd Barbie!

An online contest from Mattel unveils the latest "career" for the iconic doll: she's now a computer engineer. But do real female programmers actually wear that much pink?

By February 12, 2010


News.com Daily Podcast: Win an auction, clone your pet

A San Francisco-area biotech firm is starting online auctions at $100,000 each to submit a beloved pet's DNA for cloning.

By June 19, 2008