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'Star Wars' gear for furry Jedis unleashed at Petco

Petco and Lucasfilm get together to outfit fans' pets with "Star Wars" hoodies, headgear, cat toys, and squeaky dog chews.

By September 2, 2013


The 404 and The Walking Dead Escape

Zombies and The 404 invade San Diego's Petco Park during Comic-Con 2012. Who gets infected?

By July 15, 2012


The 404 escape the zombie apocalypse, or do they?

Zombies and the 404 invade San Diego's Petco Park during Comic-Con 2012. Who gets infected?

By July 14, 2012


Baseball fan updating Facebook gets smacked by foul ball

A baseball fan at San Diego's Petco Park is seated at the ball park when a fly ball hits him hard. Why didn't he see it? He was on Facebook, of course.

By July 9, 2012


Petco laps up the assets of Petopia.com

The brick-and-mortar pet-supply giant acquires the assets of Petopia.com, its e-tail affiliate, for an undisclosed amount.

December 5, 2000


Qwest signs $100 million in VPN deals

Local telecommunications carrier Qwest Communications International signed a series of multiyear deals with several companies to provide VPN (virtual private network) services, the company announced Wednesday. Companies receiving the services include Petco Animal Supplies, RBC Dain Rauscher and Alliance Gaming. VPN uses encryption technology to securely connect two private networks over the Internet through public phone lines. The technology is more secure than a dial-up connection and cheaper than buying a dedicated communications line. Selling such services represents new markets for telecom companies, which are trying to get away from the business of just supplying bandwidth at a flat fee and move into the realm of charging different rates for different service combinations.

February 27, 2002


MP3.com makes music with StoreTunes

Internet music company MP3.com says it has inked a deal with audio marketing producer StoreTunes to provide music found on MP3.com to U.S. businesses. Under the agreement, MP3.com and StoreTunes will let businesses select their own in-store music, advertising and promotional messages. Businesses will also be able to customize music playlists and messages via the Web by using a password-protected administration page. MP3.com recently has made similar plays for the in-store music market in an attempt to expand its range of services. The company is working to provide a Web-based retail music and messaging service to stores owned by Petco Animal Supplies, a pet goods retail chain. In addition, it has launched a music service that tunes into phone callers on hold.

March 26, 2001


MP3.com moves into Muzak

The company strikes a deal to provide a Web-based retail music and messaging service to more than 530 Petco Animal Supplies stores.

December 19, 2000


Short Take: Petopia.com receives $66 million investment

Petopia.com, which sells pet-related products online, said it has received a $66 million investment round from two firms: Groupe Arnault, an affiliate of European consumer products giant LVMH Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton (LVMH), and PETCO, one of the nation's largest pet supply retailers. Petopia.com's total investments add up to more than $79 million, the company said, adding that an agreement with PETCO will provide nationwide distribution capabilities.

By July 13, 1999