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PETA uses drones to expose hunters' 'dirty secrets'

You thought it was just governments who used drones? No, no. PETA claims its "Air Angel" drones will seek hunters who get up to nefarious, cruel, or just plain stupid activity.

By Oct. 22, 2013


Samsung bows to PETA in new ad

In a slightly calmer attempt to sell its wares than of late, Samsung gets a real bear to do the washing. Really. After a little faux pas, it wants animal lovers to love the brand again.

By Jan. 14, 2013


PETA releases erotic .xxx site

Using its usually deft way of attracting publicity to its cause, PETA launches its .xxx site with porn stars and (allegedly) hardcore videos.

By Jun. 5, 2012


PETA wages war on Pokemon for virtual animal cruelty

Although Pokemon and Pikachu are fictional animated species and not real creatures, the animal rights group says their struggle in Pokemon Black and White 2 condones animal abuse.

By Oct. 8, 2012


Report: PETA to launch porn site

Reports suggest that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has registered an .xxx domain and will use it to launch "a pornography site that draws attention to the plight of animals." PETA confirms the plan and says there might even be celebrity involvement.

By Aug. 20, 2011


PETA blasts Mario for wearing Tanooki fur

Animal rights group PETA has attacked Mario for wearing fur in his latest outing, even making a game parodying the plumber.

By Nov. 14, 2011


PETA goes after Mario and his Tanooki suit

New campaign targets Mario's fur suit. Guess PETA never had an issue with everyone's favorite plumber stomping on turtles and using their shells as weapons.

By Nov. 14, 2011


PETA launches app in response to 'Dog Wars'

Responding to an Android app that lets users train dogs to fight each other, PETA releases an iPhone app that highlights stories about animal cruelty and invites people to join the animal rights cause.

By May. 3, 2011


PETA wants Groundhog Day, the robot way

Concerned about animal cruelty, the animal rights group wants to replace the weather-forecasting Punxsutawney Phil with an animatronic version.

By Jan. 28, 2010


PETA thinks 'Hello Doggy' car wraps are a Smart idea

PETA wants to partner with Smart USA to bring "Hello Doggy" wraps to Smart ForTwo cars.

By Nov. 8, 2010