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New nanoneedle technique probes inner workings of human skin

Researchers in the U.K. say that by combining a nanoneedle with atomic force microscopy, they can now perform a mechanical scan of the thin top layer of our skin to better understand its biomechanics.

By June 13, 2013


An electronic nose to sniff out nasty chemicals

Using materials technology to add a touch interface to devices, U.K. scientists develop an electronic nose sensor able to be tied into clothing or paper.

By May 11, 2012


Could nanowire skin help robots do the dishes?

UC Berkeley engineers have developed a low-power e-skin of touch-sensitive nanowire mesh that may help robots manipulate fragile objects.

By September 12, 2010


Robots to get sensitive with artificial skin

Peratech is developing artificial skin for robots at MIT. The robo-hide will be able to detect where a robot has been touched and how hard. So think before slapping.

By February 24, 2010


Quantum physics could make smartphones smarter

Tech from a U.K. company allows electronic currents to be controlled by touch pressure--not merely just on or off, but all the gray areas in between.

By February 10, 2010