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Are we ready for self-driving cars?

Volvo is testing a self-driving car in the streets of Sweden. The technology is ready, but are the people? We ask the citizens of Gothenburg, Volvo's home town, what they think.

By May 16, 2014


Square removes Wallet from App Store, brings Order to life

App lets people use smartphones to order food and other items from sites nearby, pay directly from app, and be told when order is ready.

By May 12, 2014


Zuckerberg on Graph Search, Home: Give us time

Facebook's CEO defends the slow progress of the two recently released products. He says people aren't ready for Home or Graph Search yet, but that will change over time.

By July 24, 2013


Friday Poll: Are you sticking with Instagram?

First, Instagram seemed ready to stake a claim to users' photos. Then, Instagram backed off, but not before upsetting a ton of people. Is the apology enough to get you to stay?

By December 21, 2012


Microsoft hiring points to Web-based Skype service

It looks like Microsoft is ready to let people use Skype through Web apps, not just native apps. Standards in development such as WebRTC could pave the way.

By April 16, 2012


Barry Diller to broadcasters suing TV service Aereo: Bring it on

The always-frank Diller told a crowd at SWSX he's eager, ready and within the law to help people watch live broadcast TV without paying the broadcasters.

By March 11, 2012


Apple's Siri won't win over Miss Manners

With millions of people already using the new iPhone 4S, and many more to come, get ready for an earful of annoying public chatter between people and the robotic personal assistant.

By October 18, 2011


Road-tripping with the Olympus PEN E-PM1

Olympus gave free PEN E-PM1 cameras to random people and asked them to take pics for display online. The results of the PEN Ready Project are in. But how did a journalist on the go like the new cam?

By November 18, 2011


Is Apple making its own television?

We'll find out if Apple is getting ready to launch its own branded TV. Final Cut Pro X is out, and people aren't happy about it. Plus, New Mac Pros and Mac Minis are coming in August.

By June 24, 2011


Apple could be working on television

A new job listing says the company's looking for people who know about power supply for, among other gadgets, televisions. Could the Apple TV finally be ready to morph into an Apple-branded television?

By February 18, 2011