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AT&T awards $100K for tech to help people with disabilities

Twenty-five years after President Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, AT&T called on developers to use existing technology to create solutions for people with disabilities.

By July 27, 2015


CNET CES Awards: Razer Edge wins Best of Show, People's Voice

The winners of the CNET CES 2013 Awards have been announced, with the Razer Edge scooping the Best of Show and People's Voice Award.

By January 11, 2013


Adobe bets Voice app will help people make persuasive videos

Adobe hopes the iPad app, which lets people quickly make polished video pitches, will attract a new class of customer.

By May 7, 2014


Highlights from the Best of CES 2013

From the People's Voice, Best in Category, to Best of Show, CNET's Brian Tong gets the insight from the winners themselves at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

By January 14, 2013


The Best of CES 2013

CNET's Brian Cooley and Molly Wood announce the winners in all the categories, the People's Voice winners, and Best of Show.

By January 10, 2013


Tech Awards: Water-cleaning device, solar in a suitcase

Winners of the annual Tech Awards, sponsored by San Jose's Tech Museum, are honored for their projects, which are improving people's lives around the world.

By October 21, 2011


Low Latency No. 6: It's not a hard concept

Razer has taken CNET's People's Voice Award two years straight. But if the products never get released, are they just wooing instead of delivering?

By January 19, 2012


Best of CES live on the CNET stage

From categories in car tech, cell phones, and PCs to the People's Voice and Best of CES, CNET's own Brian Cooley and Molly Wood announce the winners.

By January 12, 2012


Palm Pre wins Best of CES 2009 and People's Voice Award

Palm finishes big at CES 2009 as the Palm Pre smartphone wins CNET's Best in Show and People's Voice Award. Read on to see why.

By January 10, 2009


How to use the Garmin 3790T's voice command

The Garmin 3790T, winner of our Editors' Choice Award, has an innovative buttonless voice command system; in this video, CNET editor Antuan Goodwin shows how to use it.

By September 8, 2010