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Random Password Generator

Create and manage secure and strong passwords.

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Netrek XP 2010

Play an online space battle game fighting against people around the world.

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Soundboard for Cairo Liberation Front

You can now create your own CLF Electro Cha3bi show at home, in the train or at Tahrir Square with this app, with the easy to use Cairo Liberation...


The Birthday Chronicle

Create personalized birthday headlines on a newspaper-like front page.

3 stars Editors' rating on Feb 27, 2009
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Ukraine's Liberation

Stop all enemy attacks and liberate Ukraine.

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Star Wars Battlefront 1.2 Patch

Update your Star Wars Battlefront game to version 1.2.

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Great Battles of World War II: Stalingrad

Command the Soviets or German forces in the opening salvos of the battle for the Russian city.

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Message back and forth between people over your office network.

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ThunderTank Operation of Liberation

LOCK AND LOAD! As one of the greatest military leaders on Earth, you must take action to save us all! The tanks are fast and easy to manoeuvre so...


Liberation Route Europe

Liberation Route Europe follows in the footsteps of our liberators. It connects milestones from our collective past/history with our lives today....


Jimmy Wales talks up People's Operator, the carrier and social network that gives to charity

"Huge numbers of people want to do good things," says the Wikipedia co-founder as he brings company to the US.

By July 23, 2015


Samsung calls selfie stick users 'cave people'

Technically Incorrect: In a new ad for its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung mercilessly mocks those who stick their phones on the end of a stick.

By June 19, 2015


Reddit bans 'FatPeopleHate' and other forums, citing antiharassment policy

The social-networking and news site removes five "subreddits" it says violated recently introduced rules regarding hostile posts.

By June 10, 2015


Jimmy Kimmel shows how scary virtual-reality Facebook might be

On Monday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Jimmy took an Oculus Rift VR headset prototype for a spin, showing off what social networking might look like in virtual reality. Shudder.

By August 25, 2015


Intel partners up to bring Rezence wireless charging to the people

Intel is looking to drive adoption of Rezence, partnering with Targus and Chinese manufacturer Haier to get wireless charging standard into homes, hotels, restaurants and more.

By June 2, 2015


Cyberattack on Penn State exposes passwords of 18K people

The university's president apologizes for a "sophisticated" security breach that it says involved an attack launched from China.

By May 15, 2015


​Mozilla to open first-world front in Firefox OS war

A partnership with Verizon and other carriers is aimed at bringing the browser-based operating system to wealthy countries. But don't expect ordinary slab-of-glass phones.

By March 1, 2015


Flywheel lets people flag down a cab and still pay via the app

The taxi-hailing app touts old-school cab hailing with new-school cashless payment.

By April 30, 2015


What people said about Facebook in 2005: 'It puts you on a more real level'

This "CBS Evening News" story from 2005 covered what college students thought about the new website at the time and includes an interview with a young Mark Zuckerberg.

By March 15, 2015


Here are Reddit's new rules of order

During an "Ask Me Anything" session, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman outlines the types of content that are now prohibited. This is his post to the community.

By July 16, 2015