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The 404 826: Where the gentleman's code is written in invisible ink (podcast)

May 21 came and went, and we're glad the rapture didn't happen before Jeff gets his bits glittered! It's almost a sure thing now that his opponent Peter Ha is only 15 Twitter followers away from 4,000--which means a pejazzling is in Jeff's immediate future.

By May 23, 2011


'Woot' is officially a thing, according to Oxford English Dictionary

"Woot!! Did you see my retweet re:that noob in a mankini? Someone get that dude a pair of jeggings!"

By August 18, 2011


The 404 849: Where we're taking a mulligan (podcast)

Did Shakespeare smoke the devil's lettuce? Joey Kaminski fills in for Wilson today to help us discuss this question and more, like should Jeff go to the world's first tickle spa? How would you evaluate Subway's $5 foot-long sandwich policy? We'll try our best to answer them all!

By June 28, 2011


The 404 825: Where the damage is done so I guess I'll be leaving (podcast)

Our buddy Peter Ha is back on the show to tell us what's new over at The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only newspaper. Unfortunately, halfway through the show we find out that Macho Man Randy Savage passed away today, so RIP to one of our favorite WWF athlete. To get us back in good spirits for the rest of the episode, Jeff and Peter make a Twitter wager, and the loser has to...well, you'll have to listen to find out what's going to happen when Peter gets to 4,000.

By May 20, 2011