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Ravens are smart enough to feel paranoid

The birds show cognitive processes previously thought to belong exclusively to humans: the ability to imagine being spied on.

By February 7, 2016


DoorBot's digital peephole doesn't quite cut it

BOT Home Automation's $199 Wi-Fi doorbell promises increased security and convenience, but does it deliver?

By July 31, 2014


Samsung's S View cover lets you peek at your Galaxy S4

The new S View Cover for the Galaxy S4 clips onto the top of the new phone, but offers a clever workaround by simply cutting a rectangular peephole into the cover material, giving you partial access to the screen.

March 18, 2013


Man accused of 'peephole hacking' ESPN star

A man is arrested in the case of voyeur videos, allegedly taken by mini cameras, of ESPN presenter Erin Andrews that caused an online storm.

By October 3, 2009


MySpace plugging photo peephole

Hours after being alerted to a new security hole that exposes members' private photos, the company says it is fixing it.

By November 4, 2008


Facebook suspends app that permitted peephole

Holes in Facebook had allowed anyone to see your birthday, relationship status, gender, and other personal information on the Top Friends application.

By June 26, 2008


'Video peephole' for the paranoid home

Record whoever darkens our door

By February 2, 2007


Virus spreads on promises of naked ESPN star

Sideline reporter is filmed, in a state of unclothing, through the peephole of her hotel room. The film goes viral--in the sense that hackers try to pass a virus to those who view it.

By July 20, 2009


Security expert Graham Cluley identifies possible Mac attack

If you have any interest in the sporting world, you undoubtedly have heard about the recent video depicting an exposed Erin Andrews--a high-profile sports reporter for ESPN--filmed through a peephole at her hotel room. This video is now being tied to secu

By July 22, 2009


Antispam developer: New method is only a first step

A Cisco engineer behind the promising new DomainKeys Identified Mail standard warns it isn't immune to exploitation by cybercriminals, but is instead more like "a peephole in the door."

By July 12, 2007