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Choppi electric garlic peeler aims to make life a little easier

The Ariete Choppi is designed to make an unpopular kitchen chore as easy as pressing a button. The small kitchen appliance can also chop and store.

By December 12, 2013


Dine like a Time Lord with 'Doctor Who' kitchenware

When a table is set with Sonic Screwdriver silverware, it's easy to guess "Who" is coming to dinner. Add a Sonic Screwdriver washing brush and peeler turn food prep into an adventure.

By September 4, 2014


The right peeler for each job

Different types of peelers do different things, but the Twist & Peel Dual Peelers ensure that you'll always have the right peeler for the job.

By June 28, 2010


A crafty carrot peeler

You can see at a glance exactly what the Carrot Peeler is meant to be used for.

By July 16, 2009


A peeler that appeals

This vegetable peeler stores scraps in an innovative chamber to keep the mess out of your kitchen.

By May 4, 2009


For extra-wide peels, use an extra-wide peeler

Kai Ultimate Wide Peeler has an oversized blade, which not only helps to create original creations, but also cuts through tough-skinned produce.

By January 5, 2009


A peeler to the third power

If you're ready for a vegetable peeler that can do a little more work than the old-fashioned variety, consider the Trio Peeler.

By September 24, 2008


Peel your asparagus properly

The Asparagus Peeler goes beyond just peeling with the capability to snip the ends of asparagus.

By January 10, 2010


Peel even soft skins

The Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler can gently remove skins from peaches, plums, tomatoes and other thin-skinned produce.

By September 28, 2009


Julienne as easy as peeling

The Julienne Peeler utilizes a special blade that juliennes while it peels.

By April 23, 2009