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MIT 'smart sand' and 'robot pebbles' replicate objects

Research effort uses distributed robots that communicate with each other to auto-duplicate shapes by forming an object out of a larger pile of smart sand.

By April 2, 2012


Samsung: Galaxy S3 inspired by 'sparkling' pebbles, forest stroll

The creative folks behind the Galaxy S3 reveal the natural elements they drew on to fashion the features of Samsung's new smartphone.

By August 24, 2012


Pebble smart watch sells out on Kickstarter

The record-setting project has raised more than $10 million and took preorders for 85,000 watches, which is apparently the limit for the tiny company.

By May 10, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 joined by iPod nano-rivalling S Pebble

Samsung has unveiled a cutesy MP3 player alongside the Samsung Galaxy S3, called the Samsung S Pebble.

By May 3, 2012


The non-existent Pebble watch scores its first app

RunKeeper signs on to be the first third-party app to run on the "Smartwatch" that's been shattering records on Kickstarter.

By May 2, 2012


Pebble smart watch: Top Kickstarter project, ever

Power of crowd funding demonstrated with most successful Kickstarter campaign yet, a watch that tops $7 million in a matter of weeks.

By April 30, 2012


Pebble E-Ink watch for iOS and Android drums up nearly $2m

The Pebble E-Ink watch works with iOS and Android, and already has over $1.6m funding.

By April 13, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini UK price and release date revealed

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini goes on sale on 2 November, with retailers quoting a price of £250.

By October 12, 2012


Kickstarter kickstarts crowdfunding in the UK

Kickstarter is now in the UK to help the Internet pay to make your dreams a reality.

By October 11, 2012


New patent hints at Google Glass wristwatch

A filing shows that when it comes to wearable computers, Google is already thinking beyond eyeglasses.

By October 3, 2012