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Yahoo settles pay-per-click fraud suit

As part of a class-action settlement, Yahoo plans to create a new ad distribution option that will give advertisers more control over where ads purchased through Yahoo appear.

By October 13, 2009


Study: Click fraud could threaten pay-per-click model

Survey finds that 27 percent of respondents say they've already slowed or stopped their pay-per-click advertising.

By July 5, 2006


Yahoo sued over alleged pay-per-click fraud

Suit claims Yahoo is charging for "premium" ads on sites that show spyware ads and sites that appear when surfers misspell URLs.

By May 3, 2006


Yahoo, Miva settle pay-per-click patent suit

Settlement follows licensing by Google, others in the lucrative keyword search ad market.

By August 16, 2005


A perfect storm for pay-per-click?

Market-Vantage's Hans Riemer finds that while pay-per-click may be the current rage, there's also a threat lurking on the horizon.

January 13, 2004


Woman accuses Google of 'falsely imprisoning' her

A woman allegedly signs up for a Google Blogspot account and the company offers ads. This leads to her suggesting in a lawsuit that she has been imprisoned by the company.

By November 9, 2012


Questions mount as Facebook advertisers lose to clickbots

A relationship with a startup sours when 80 percent of pay-per-click ad traffic turns out to be costly, invalid traffic. The issue may not be isolated. Is Facebook doing enough to solve the problem?

By August 2, 2012


'Canopy' gives subway trains an outside view

Innovative design concept uses ceiling-mounted e-paper displays to give underground passengers a view of life above that dark tunnel they're stuck in. And maybe flash them a few ads along the way.

By July 19, 2012


Flashback makers missed out on their payday, Symantec says

According to the security firm, the makers of the Flashback malware made $14,000 from click fraud last month, but can't collect on it.

By May 16, 2012