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Google demotes Chrome in search results over pay-for-post promo

Chrome is manually being pushed down in Google search results in the face of criticism of a Chrome promo on blog sites.

By January 3, 2012


Awwwk-ward: Google Chrome pay-for-post promo misfires

An effort to get bloggers to plug Google's browser yields second-rate content and apparently at least one violation of Google's search-engine guidelines.

By January 3, 2012


Stick a candle on it: Chrome turns 5

Google's browser celebrates its 5th Chrome-iversary, now a driving force behind cutting edge Web innovation that commands around 17 percent of the global market, and Chrome's not done with you yet.

By September 2, 2013


Tumblr allows advertising at $25K a pop

The blogging platform has an about-face on its stance against ads and announces that advertisers can now pay to post content and have increased account exposure on the site.

By May 2, 2012


Two days after Google flub, Unruly raises $25 million

The start-up, which runs viral-video marketing campaigns, hopes to grow faster internationally. Awkwardly, the announcement follows a public flap over Unruly's pay-for-post promo of Google's Chrome.

By January 4, 2012


EU could rule on Google antitrust probe in March

The European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia tells Reuters the decision to file a formal complaint against Google could happen as early as March.

By January 18, 2012


Did Google-run computers taint rival mapping project?

OpenStreetMap says people using Google computers reversed one-way street directions and otherwise "vandalized" map results. Google says contractors acting on their own were to blame.

By January 17, 2012


Yahoo finally has a chief again

week in review Web pioneer taps PayPal exec, while Google takes heat for paid promos. Also: Here comes CES.

By January 6, 2012


For she-bloggers, does it take a village to profit?

BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone talks with CNET News about blogging, the power of women online, and her company's new partnership with iVillage.

By July 17, 2008


Blogging for money, one post at a time

Many BlogWorld attendees are trying to figure out how to profit from small publishing ventures, whether the subject is politics, God, or chickens.

By November 9, 2007