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Google wins patent on predetermined unlocking patterns

The company's technology allows for users to swipe their fingers around a display, and based on that, have the device perform an action.

By Aug. 6, 2013


Your sleep patterns, now in soundtrack form

To sleep, perchance to dream -- and have those dreams turned into music by new software out of Finland's University of Helsinki.

By Sep. 12, 2012


Internet usage patterns may signal depression, study finds

Researchers hope that discovered correlations will lead to software tools that will help identify users' symptoms of depression.

By Jun. 17, 2012


IBM chief scientist seeks patterns in patterns

Big Blue's Jeff Jonas sits down to discuss how big data can help businesses reduce risk and increase opportunity.

By Jun. 24, 2010


How to assign unique vibration patterns in Android

It's easy to assign unique ringtones to help ID callers before looking at the screen, but there are plenty of times we need to mute our phones. We can still ID callers, though; Vibe lets us assign unique vibration patterns to contacts.

By Nov. 3, 2011


CES: ReadiBand tracks activity, sleep patterns

Fatigue Science offers a digital watch and wrist movement detector that tracks activity to calculate fatigue risk based on sleep levels.

By Jan. 7, 2011


Art with Flight Patterns

On a recent visit to the Gray Area Beacon, an art gallery in San Francisco, CNET News.com's Kara Tsuboi caught up with visual artist Aaron Koblin. His "Flight Patterns" has become a worldwide phenomenon online.

By Jun. 11, 2008


There.com to add custom weather patterns

Users of There.com's virtual world who have property will soon be able to set customizable weather on their locations.

By May. 15, 2007


Home gadget to study your sleep patterns

Irish start-up BiancaMed uses wireless technology to monitor the quality of your sleep, the aspect of your health the company calls "the final frontier."

By Mar. 3, 2008


Graphing Social Patterns: Facebook aspires to the frictionless platform

Ben Ling, director of product marketing for the Facebook platform, gave a brief peek of the upcoming profile page update at Graphing Social Patterns conference and detailed some new capabilities for the social network's 200,000 developers.

By Mar. 3, 2008