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SAP claims 100 of Oracle's customers have defected

Can big software companies create new markets anymore?

By February 27, 2008


Bombproof gadgets: Our most trusty technology

Is there a piece of technology in your life that just won't die? Despite dropping it down stairs, in the sea or on to a treadmill? Here are our favourite lumps of near-indestructible technology

By February 4, 2008


Underexposed blog: Links of the day

Apple enfeebles DTrace...Lightroom documentation gripes and fixes...Nikon D3 noise comparison...David Pogue on SLR restrictions...Corel PhotoImpact X3.

By January 23, 2008


Photos: NBC Universal demos Hulu and more

We made a beeline to the NBC stand at CES to berate them for cancelling our favourite shows and were bought off with a memory stick. We're very cheap

By January 10, 2008


Open source's non-problem with interoperability

Why does the media continue to believe that open source has a problem with interop? The opposite is true.

By January 4, 2008


Dear Vodafone, your data plan sucks

Wanting to have the Internets with me at all times, I discovered Vodafone offers a £7.50-a-month data package -- for which you get a pathetic 120MB

By December 11, 2007


Say goodbye to CompUSA

A rumor has been circulating on the Web claiming CompUSA will close in February. Wondering if it's true, Don Reisinger decided to tackle the issue and decide if it's really true.

By December 7, 2007


Holiday decorations for green geeks

What's the greenest way to deck the halls or light the menorah?

By November 28, 2007


Off-topic: Messi's signature

I know I'm pathetic, but I can't help it.

By October 29, 2007


Top ten off switches

We all need to turn things off from time to time and there's no better way than with an off switch. But it's so much more than just a faceless button -- we look at some of the best we've ever seen

By November 12, 2007