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King.com joins the patent troll brigade

The creator of Candy Crush Saga has laid legal claim to the words 'candy' and 'saga' as pertains to gaming, and is going after other games.

By January 22, 2014


Patents.com lets you search through ideas (good and bad)

Wondered if someone's already come up with an idea? Search it out with Patents.com, a search engine and marketplace for intellectual property.

By August 27, 2008


Microsoft sues Salesforce.com over patents

In a suit filed Tuesday, software maker says online CRM company infringes on nine of Redmond's patents. Microsoft is seeking monetary damages and an injunction.

By May 18, 2010


Apple patent hints at volume controls in Safari

A newly released patent application filed by Apple shows audio controls that integrate into a user's Web browser, and control the volume levels at various sites.

By April 23, 2009


Apple settles patent suit with Burst.com

Apple is getting a license to Burst.com's portfolio of video-related technology and the end of the litigation between the two companies for $10 million.

By November 26, 2007