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Uber introduces fare splitting for multiple passengers

When you share an Uber ride with your friends, you can now split the tab with everyone.

By Jul. 15, 2013


British Airways to Google passengers

In a creepy, or perhaps cuddly, step toward better customer service, British Airways is to surprise its passengers with personal touches based on Googled information.

By Jul. 6, 2012


Despite setbacks, airlines and passengers still on board the Dreamliner

Although the FAA has grounded the entire U.S. fleet of Boeing's new plane, experts say that its technological advances are too advantageous to abandon.

By Jan. 19, 2013


Takeoff! Boeing's next-gen 747 ready for passengers

After six years of waiting, Germany's Lufthansa finally got the keys to the very first commercial 747-8 Intercontinental. Starting June 1, the new plane will have paying passengers.

35 Images By May. 1, 2012


Boeing's Dreamliner finally flies passengers

Boeing's fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliner finally carried passengers on its first commercial flight, which traveled from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

By Oct. 25, 2011


Titanic 'story map' delves into passengers' fates

On the centennial of the Titanic shipwreck, an interactive map lets people learn more about the passengers and their ultimate fates.

By Apr. 12, 2012


Driverless cars shuttle Heathrow passengers

Autonomous cars aren't the future--they're already in use. London's Heathrow Airport swapped 2 diesel buses for 22 electric pods that shuttle passengers from a terminal to the parking lot without the aid of a driver.

By Aug. 5, 2011


Boeing Dreamliner's first passengers take to the sky (photos)

At long last, Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, said to be among the most efficient airplanes in history, has entered commercial service with a flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong.

22 Images By Oct. 26, 2011


Smart Studio seats more cameras than passengers

The Smart Studio features seven camera mounting points, but only two seats.

By Sep. 13, 2011


Going my way? Zimride matches drivers, passengers (video)

Ride-sharing startup enables users to sell or book empty seats over long distances. SmartPlanet looks at how the company uses Facebook to connect drivers and passengers.

By Apr. 9, 2012