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Facebook's Parse now powering 100,000 apps

The social network plays landlord to the data behind a ballooning number of applications, its Parse service says.

By June 12, 2013


Parse hits 100,000 apps after Facebook acquisition

Facebook's latest big data purchase shares its milestone at a WWDC event.

By June 12, 2013


Facebook's Parse helps mobile developers build for the Web

The social network's mobile platform now caters to app makers who want a Web presence.

By May 7, 2013


Facebook purchases Parse to promote mobile app development

With the buy, the social network unveils a new strategy in mobile: selling backend services to app developers.

By April 25, 2013


Parsing Apple's TV ambitions

People don't replace their TVs every few years, which makes the idea of an Apple TV set less plausible compared to an Apple set-top box, says former Apple exec Jean-Louis Gassée.

By December 10, 2012


Parsing Facebook's new lexicon (Q&A)

Gi Fernando of Techlightenment explains what "Read," "Watch," "Listen," and "Buy"--Facebook's new platform changes--mean for brands and consumers.

By October 5, 2011


MyRoll brings brains to smartphone photo albums

Using smart algorithms that parse and organize your photo library, MyRoll is less a storage destination and more of an improved way to experience your memories.

By July 17, 2014


iPhone 6: Sorting through fact and fiction around Apple's upcoming smartphone

The rumor mill around Apple's 2014 update to the iPhone began churning as soon as the 5S and 5C debuted last year. What will Apple include, and skip, in the next version? We parse the rumors.

By August 25, 2014


Parsing fact from fiction with the Bloom Energy box

CNET's Martin LaMonica is horrified he missed last week's alternative energy hoopla. Now he's trying to make sense of the excitement.

By March 1, 2010


BOL 1086: Beating a dead parse

Mozilla is upset about the browser ballot screen because it's alphabetical, left to right, by manufacturer. That means Apple gets the prime spot. We think that's parsing the screen too closely. So we decide to parse it even more! And we also reinvent b

By October 16, 2009