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Teens who friend their parents online feel closer to them in real life, study says

A Brigham Young study of nearly 500 families also finds that those students who engage with their parents online are more generous and kind to others.

By July 15, 2013


Apple notifies parents of in-app purchase settlement details

E-mail lets parents know how they can claim compensation for unauthorized use of in-app purchase in games and apps sold through the App Store.

By June 23, 2013


The unlikely group putting the kibosh on cable TV: Parents

Tykes are dream customers who don't care how they watch Mickey and clamor to watch him again and again. With Netflix and Amazon catering more to kids, parents may be the next big group to cut the cable cord.

By June 22, 2013


School iris-scanned students without telling parents

A Florida school admits that it made several mistakes when it allowed a security company to install iris scanners without telling parents -- and without even having a contract with the company.

By June 17, 2013


Parents lack bandwidth to monitor kids' online activity, says study

A McAfee study suggests parents have largely given up on policing what their kids are doing on laptops, phones, Facebook, and YouTube. And that password you're using to limit access? Junior knows it.

By June 4, 2013


Teens allegedly drug parents' milkshakes to get online

Police say two teenage girls drugged the parents of one so that they could beat an imposed Internet curfew.

By January 3, 2013


Study: Most parents drive distracted with child in car

A poll of 618 parents found that almost 90 percent of them multitask while behind the wheel, even with kids in the car.

By May 6, 2013


The great Twitter 'text-your-parents-you're-a-drug-dealer' experiment

Nathan Fielder, star of "Nathan For You," asks his Twitter followers to text their moms and dads (accidentally) offering drugs. The reactions are various and, sometimes, hilarious.

By April 25, 2013


Microsoft inks patent protection deal with Foxconn parent

In exchange for unspecified royalties, Microsoft agrees not to sue the parent company of the world's largest hardware maker for devices it produces that run Google's Android and Chrome operating systems.

By April 16, 2013


Parents crowdfund firstborn child on Indiegogo

Two enterprising parents have welcomed a bouncing baby crowdfunding project into the world.

By March 12, 2013