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GTA V for PC pops up on Amazon, but it's not yet official

Grand Theft Auto V might finally be coming to PC -- the blockbuster crimulator has popped up on Amazon Germany, listed for Windows.

By Jan. 22, 2014


GTA 5 has heists, hunting and tennis in first gameplay trailer

Check out the impressive first gameplay trailer for Rockstar's next open-world Grand Theft Auto game.

By Jul. 9, 2013


GTA 5 Online gets team heists, races and more in new video

Check out the gameplay video for Grand Theft Auto's multiplayer mode.

By Aug. 15, 2013


Jetpack man soars over U.S. alongside B-17 bomber

Yves Rossy, known as Jetman, wowed attendees at the EEA air show, which also hosted Terrafugia's flying car.

By Jul. 30, 2013


Google Glass Explorer edition heading to devs soon

The developer versions of the anticipated augmented reality eyewear will ship to developers in the coming weeks.

By Apr. 10, 2013


Were old phones better?

Our mates at Crave UK have a nasty suspicion that old phones were actually better than their newfangled counterparts. Could they be right?

By Nov. 17, 2011


Anti-hijacker trap door among loony Ig Nobel prizes

Also honored: research into the beer-goggle effect, walking on lunar water, and the probability of cows lying down.

By Sep. 13, 2013


iPhone records 1,000-foot free-fall, survives

Another hard-core drop test impresses, or at least gets adrenaline junkies to pay attention.

By Aug. 10, 2012


Samsung S3 stars in Olympics opening, alongside Sony, HTC...

Samsung's Galaxy S3 is the official handset of the games, but shared screen time with lots of others at last night's opening ceremony.

By Jul. 28, 2012


Entry-level SLR plunges 3,000 feet--and survives

Who says you need to buy a $5,000 professional camera to get a rugged SLR? One Canon Rebel XT mostly withstood its parachute-free skydiving descent.

By Dec. 16, 2009