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PaperPhone flexible smart phone concept unfolded

Researchers in Canada have demonstrated interactive electronic paper that works like a smart phone but can be bent and flexed.

By May 9, 2011


Is your iPhone obsolete? Meet PaperPhone

You can make calls, read books, and listen to music on this flexible computer from Canada. But do you really want to keep bending it to make it work?

By May 7, 2011


iPhone 5 transparent concept looks stunning in mock advert

This cool advert for a possible future iPhone 5 shows off sports an 'iClear Retina Display' -- a transparent screen.

By June 18, 2012


Buzz Out Loud 1464: PSN Hackers don't quit (Podcast)

Wilson Tang from the 404 joins us in studio to hack away at all the tech news along with host of the week Mr. Brian Tong. Hackers are threatening a third attack on Sony which may cause consumers to think twice about adding their credit card information onto any site in the future despite the 1 million dollar insurance policy that Sony will take out for every user. The LastPass CEO explains how their system was hacked in detail while video game developer David Braben creates a USB stick sized PC for $25 which we all want. And we find out if the Chrome OS notebook will blend. Will it blend?

By May 6, 2011