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Better manage files on a Mac with FilePane

Get contextual menus when you drag and drop files for quick and easy file management.

By June 23, 2015


The pane points of Microsoft's 'one Windows'

Microsoft has said it doesn't intend to bring a single operating system to all devices that can run Windows. But if it did, there would be many interface issues to overcome.

By August 2, 2014


Add particular Preference Panes to your Mac's Dock

With a free Mac app, you can add Preference Panes you use regularly to your Mac's Dock or Launchpad for easy access.

By June 18, 2013


Ecovacs Winbot sucks glass to clean your panes

This window-washing robot showing at CES 2013 has easy stick-on and clean operation. But don't chuck your Windex yet.

By January 7, 2013


Insect-inspired flying robot smacks panes sans pain

Researchers at Switzerland's Laboratory of Intelligent Systems are working on a robot that can collide with windows and other obstacles, fall, then get up and fly again.

By June 15, 2012


How to get the new Gmail preview pane

Google just announced a new Labs feature, Preview Pane, which gives an Outlook-style preview of your e-mails.

By August 4, 2011


Customize OS X system preferences (tip)

In OS X Lion Apple has added a new option for customizing the system preferences, allowing you to conveniently show or hide individual preference panes.

By January 31, 2012


Trick Gmail into thinking you're on an iPad for two-pane goodness

Want to try out Gmail's two-pane view but don't have an iPad? A simple user agent switch can get you there. But the new view might not be worth the hassle.

By April 2, 2010


Apple releases LED Cinema Display Software Update 1.0

Apple released a software update for owners of the new 27-inch LED Cinema Displays. The update includes modifications to two OS X system preference panes, which enable brightness and audio features on the new displays.

By September 22, 2010


Login items preferences pane not working, crashing system preferences

Leopard users have been experiencing problems with the "Login Items" system preferences pane, where the preferences pane will appear to be corrupted

By June 25, 2008