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NEX-FS700 pushes down Sony's 4K videocamera prices

The high-resolution videocamera is twice the price of JVC's 4K camera, though a lot cheaper than Sony's high-end earlier FS65. Still, not all 4K video is created equal.

By Apr. 2, 2012


Video assist predates Jerry Lewis 'patent'

Jerry Lewis claims to have invented video-assist technology, but recently rediscovered patents and other documents show who really developed this essential element of modern motion picture production.

By Jul. 20, 2009


Chris's Christmas Shopping: Sony uber-cam

So, the time has come for Chris to pick his ultimate Crave Christmas present. In the interests of making an award-winning feature film, he's picked the best hi-def camcorder in the world. If it's good enough for Lucas...

By Dec. 20, 2005