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Steve Jobs' perfect pitch: The Macintosh launch

guest post Former Apple executive Jean Louis Gassée takes a nostalgic look at the Mac's historic launch and promises -- not to be confused with the hard struggle later on the battlefield.

By January 23, 2014


Apple pays $10M to license Palm, other patents

Apple has reached patent licensing agreements with Access Co., the Japanese company that owns some patents related to the Palm operating system, as well as Bell Communications Research and Geoworks.

By April 10, 2013


Android screen chaos: A feature, not a bug

Programmers using Google's mobile operating system must reckon with upfront work for the wide range of Android screens, but the benefit is flexibility.

By January 28, 2012


Microsoft agrees to license mobile patents

Instead of asserting its own patents against mobile companies, Microsoft has decided to acknowledge the validity of others, signing a new mobile patent deal.

By October 7, 2010


Paul Allen sues Apple, Google over patents

Four patents held by a research organization Allen ran are being cited against 10 prominent companies, including Yahoo, eBay, and Staples.

By August 27, 2010


Rumor: Palm to unveil Nova-powered smartphone

The struggling handset maker is expected to launch its next-generation operating system on a device that features a full QWERTY keyboard.

By January 4, 2009


Palm hosting CES event, could be OS preview

Palm watchers are expecting the company to at least show off its new Nova operating system during a press conference Palm has called for the Thursday of CES week.

By December 11, 2008


Where have all the PDAs gone?: Ask the Editors

CNET editors answer a reader's question about the state of PDAs and offers buying advice on current models and alternatives.

By October 19, 2008


Palm CEO talks up 'Nova,' his 2009 operating system

Mobile computing pioneer Palm has been battered the past couple of years, but is pinning its hopes on a Linux-based mobile operating system designed around the Internet.

By May 28, 2008