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Light Pad for iOS allows you to control your favorite lights from your iOS device. It provides quick and easy lighting control for your smart...


Is the PalmPad a recycled HP Slate?

Fox News says a leaked diagram shows the WebOS tablet HP is about to introduce at CES. Oddly enough, it's the same diagram HP was using for the HP Slate 500, a Windows 7 device introduced in October.

By December 21, 2010


HP PalmPad trademark foretells WebOS slate

Hewlett-Packard acquires a trademark for the term "PalmPad," which is presumably the name of its rumored tablet computer running Palm's WebOS operating system.

By July 19, 2010


Palmpad to bring Palm webOS to the big screen?

HP, which bought Palm in April, has trademarked the Palmpad name, leading us to wonder if webOS could soon be coming in larger sizes

By July 21, 2010


HP: New WebOS products shipping soon, another unveil set for March 14

HP CEO Leo Apotheker teases a March 14 announcement that will be the "secret answer" and vision of the company going forward.

By January 28, 2011


HP planning WebOS event for February 9

The company hasn't given any indication about what its announcement is about, other than saying it plans on making customers: "Think big. Think small. Think beyond."

By January 4, 2011


CES 2011: The best so far

Our picks of the most exciting treats in store for CES 2011 in January, from glasses-free 3D to multi-core smart phones and tremendous tablets.

By December 23, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1376: WTF, CIA WTF? (podcast)

We're pretty sure that both Lukin (in Computer Love) and the CIA are displaying a sense of humor this week, but frankly, it's kind of hard to tell. WTF? Also, did the FCC really try to tell us that they don't need wireless Net neutrality regulations because, um, Android is open? Wow. And NPR hands it to Ping in a big way, calling it one of the worst ideas in music in 2010. Ouch. And ... yes. And a special Computer Love on a Wednesday because it's the last live show of the year! See you all in 2011, everyone! --Molly

By December 22, 2010


Leaked accessory hints WebOS tablet is near

An internal document showing a Bluetooth keyboard for HP's upcoming tablet hits the Web. The same report also says a new version of the Pre aimed at teens is on the way.

By December 17, 2010


HP sees sunny outlook, focus on WebOS for 2011

The company, still without a permanent CEO, says it expects good things on the financial front next year. Executive says "PalmPad" WebOS tablet on track for early next year.

By September 28, 2010


HP smart phones with Palm's webOS arriving early next year

HP has confirmed that the first smart phones running webOS, the software it gobbled up by acquiring Palm, will make their debut at the beginning of next year.

By October 6, 2010