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Official Shadow of Mordor Palantir - Fan Fueled by Wikia

Official companion app for the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game.Palantir uses advanced audio-sync technology to listen to your game play to...

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This definitive mobile guide to DrupalCon Chicago lets you view session schedules, descriptions, maps, and presenter bios all from the palm of your...

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No easy wins for women in discrimination lawsuits

Women may win lawsuits alleging bad behavior in the court of public opinion, but not necessarily where it matters.

By May 6, 2015


Snapchat nabs investment from Alibaba for $15B valuation

Chinese e-commerce giant invests $200 million in the 3-year-old ephemeral message service, sources confirm.

By March 11, 2015


Mozilla under fire: Beyond JavaScript, 3 ways Eich changed the Web

Mozilla's co-founder and former CEO Brendan Eich has been at the center of Internet development for almost 20 years.

By June 14, 2014


Obama talks spying with Facebook's Zuckerberg, Google's Schmidt

Zuckerberg and Obama "had an honest talk about government intrusion on the Internet," says Facebook -- just days after the CEO posted an indignant statement on his Facebook page.

By March 22, 2014


$7,000-per-month tech interns are making bank, says report

Glassdoor releases a list of the highest-paying companies for interns and (surprise, surprise) most of them are tech companies.

By February 28, 2014


Google battles human trafficking with global hotline

Coordinating with three anti-trafficking organizations, the Web giant aims to use data collected by helplines around the world to fight modern-day slavery.

By April 9, 2013


Visualizing Facebook from outer space

Some Facebook engineers came up with a visualization of user activity by the social network's 120 million users across the planet.

By November 23, 2008


Metro-Optix reels in $54 million

Metro-Optix said Wednesday that it raised a $54 million third round of funding, led by Van Wagoner Capital. Other investors included Palantir Capital, and previous investors J.P. Morgan Partners, InterWest, Sevin Rosen, Centerpoint, Bluestream, JW Seligman and Watsach. Metro-Optix, which is jointly headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., and Allen, Texas, has raised more than $136 million. Metro-Optix develops hardware for telecommunications companies that want to transition from circuit-based services to cell- and packet-based services. The hardware essentially reduces the number of hardware boxes needed, such as routers, which the networks feed into.

By October 10, 2001


VC watch: Blue Ridge Networks gets $10 million

Blue Ridge Networks raises $10 million...LGC Wireless grabs $19.3 million...Viata Software gets $3 million.

By October 12, 2001


Impresse undergoes management change, layoffs

Nimish Mehta resigns as CEO of the online printing company, which also has laid off an unknown number of employees.

By October 4, 2000