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Apple v. Samsung

The electronics titans square off in a tangled tale of mobile technology, centered on Apple's iPhone


<strike>Pigs</strike> Cars might fly: PAL-V flying three-wheeler due by 2011

Pigs Cars might fly: PAL-V flying three-wheeler due by 2011

By October 3, 2007


Flying car reaches sky in Holland

Accelerating just some 500 feet the three-wheeler Pal-V One took off easily in front of the Dutch Minister of Traffic Safety and Water Affairs, Camiel Eurlings, and a massive group of curious journalists.

By May 1, 2009


Shooting 4K video with the Panasonic FZ1000

As 4K video is a key selling point on cameras from the 2014 crop, we take the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 for a spin to see how it performs.

By September 8, 2014


Alpha Papa: Tech brands Alan Partridge has ruined forever

From his favourite trouser press to the Motorola Timeport, we run through the tech that is -- and always will be -- classic Partridge.

By July 31, 2013


Wide range of new smartphones kick off CTIA day 1

Powerful flagship phones such as Samsung's Galaxy S III, as well as new midrange, budget, and prepaid models, get the CTIA ball rolling.

By May 8, 2012


Spotify launching browser-based version as part of redesign

Changes are afoot, with the music streaming app set to launch a browser-based version as part of a redesign.

By September 9, 2012


Skin-stretching game controller pitched for next Xbox

An experimental game controller that stretches the skin of your thumbs has been touted to Microsoft and other console makers.

By March 6, 2012


Humanoid Reem-B robot walks, talks, and listens

Abu Dhabi-based company shows off an autonomous robot developed in Barcelona, Spain, that is capable of walking, talking, grasping objects, and responding to voice commands.

By June 13, 2008


DTVPal DVR is dead, but the identical Channel Master CM-7000PAL lives on

Dish Network's antenna-only DTVPal DVR may be dead, but you can still get the Channel Master CM-7000PAL, which appears to be the identical product.

By July 23, 2010


116: Get 80+ mpg from your hybrid!

The big week comes for Chrysler: Bankruptcy and a shotgun marriage to Fiat. How you might get 80 mpg out of your current hybrid, and are four-cylinder engines on the way back for Mercedes and BMW?

By May 2, 2009