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Better manage your files with Mac app Revisions for Dropbox

For individuals and particularly workgroups that use Dropbox, Revisions for Dropbox gives Mac users great control over their files.

By May 27, 2015


Move your mail to Outlook.com

Take advantage of Outlook.com's clean interface by migrating your current e-mail accounts to a single Outlook.com inbox.

By August 6, 2012


SXSWi: Let the geolocation games begin

The competition will be particularly fierce at the annual digital-culture bash between Foursquare and Gowalla, rival social-media services that want to own the location-based networking market.

By March 10, 2010


Oxford's word of the year? 'Unfriend'

The ubiquitous Digital Age insult, brought into the mainstream with the rise of Facebook, is the dictionary's top term of 2009.

By November 16, 2009


My so-called paperless life

One intrepid reporter attempts to rid his daily life of unnecessary paper. See how he fared--and how a well-intentioned experiment made his son cry.

By September 8, 2009


Facebook: That gaming buddy is not your friend

Players of a game on the social network are seeing their accounts suspended because of tactics Facebook considers to be a mockery of its "social utility" mantra.

By September 15, 2008