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Are men or women better packers? The MythBusters know

The hit Discovery Channel show set out to tackle the battle of the sexes--who's better at packing, driving, grilling, navigating, multi-tasking, and reading emotional cues. CNET was on hand to see how men and women fared at packing a car full of gear.

By October 10, 2011


Packers to cell phones: cheese off!

Packers to cell phones: cheese off!

By November 3, 2005


Record-breaking NFL tweeter celebrates end of ref lockout

Green Bay Packers guard T.J. Lang sends out one more jab, a day after his infamous tweet breaks a retweet record.

By September 27, 2012


Google takes on Facebook with long Google+ TV ad

During the Packers vs. Lions Thanksgiving Day game, Google airs a 90-second ad that attempts to differentiate Google+ from that other social network. But does it confuse things further?

By November 24, 2011


NFL Network vs. cable: Who's right? Who's wrong?

According to "USA Today," less than 40 percent of the United States was able to sit at home and watch as the Cowboys edged out the Packers 37 to 27.

By November 30, 2007


Twitter recaps ... the year in tweets

Justin Bieber and President Obama were retweet machines. Plus, some of the top conversations of the year ignited over the U.S. elections, the Olympics, and Superstorm Sandy.

By December 11, 2012


Twitter founder says influence is in retweets. NFL player shows why

Evan Williams said that the most interesting measure of Twitter influence is how often someone is re-tweeted. NFL guard TJ Lang's profanity-laced tweets last night illustrated the point.

By September 25, 2012


Facebook milks Super Bowl mania to strut its football savvy

One in 10 Americans has spiraled a "like" to an NFL team on Facebook. But sadly, fair-weather fans are all too common.

By January 28, 2013


Andy Rubin's next Google moonshot project: Robots

The former Android leader is in charge of one of Google's "moonshots," an effort to use robots to free humans from drudgery.

By December 4, 2013


How did Madden 12 for iOS escape EA's lab?

The customer reviews for Madden NFL 12 in the iTunes Store are brutal. It's an open question how such a flawed game got out of Electronic Arts' design workshops.

By September 27, 2011