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Archos 50C Oxygen

The Archos 50c Oxygen squeezes Octo-core power into a sleek yet affordable mobile device.

By Feb. 20, 2014

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Measure your oxygen with the Masimo iSpO2

Bridget Carey shows you an iOS accessory that displays your immediate oxygen, pulse rate, and perfusion index readings.

By Jan. 7, 2013


Tiny oxygen generators improve cancer treatments

Researchers at Purdue are implanting miniature devices in tumors to generate oxygen and boost the effects of both radiation and chemotherapy.

By Aug. 31, 2011


New artificial lung does not require pure oxygen

Researchers at Case Western Reserve say the artificial lung they developed, which uses air instead of pure oxygen as a ventilating gas, is as efficient as the organ it mimics.

By Jul. 25, 2011


Oxygen Audio debuts car stereo with iPhone interface

Oxygen Audio will introduce at CES 2011 the first audio head unit that uses an iPhone and an app as the radio interface.

By Nov. 17, 2010


YeZ concept car sucks in C02, exhales oxygen

YeZ works its photoelectric conversion with the help of solar panels on the roof, wind power conversion via small wind turbines in the wheels, and carbon dioxide absorption and conversion through the bodywork.

By May. 20, 2010


With this setup, who needs the oxygen?

The "Entertainment Oxygen Lounge" includes a multimedia massage chair.

By Apr. 30, 2008


Planet CNET: running low on oxygen

On this episode of Planet CNET, we experience weightlessness, dissect a thousand-dollar cell phone, and willingly wear spandex on camera.

By Oct. 1, 2008


Oxyfit: Get high on oxygen while you work out

Touted as the world's first compact personal oxygen supply, the Oxyfit backpack setup will stimulate your brain with increased oxygen while you work out--for $2,681 plus shipping.

By Feb. 16, 2010


Oxygen-making backpack a breath of fresh air

Out of Japan comes word of a backpack containing a battery-powered oxygen generator that can help fend off the dangers of hypoxia. The O2 Bag can be operated by remote control.

By Jul. 24, 2008