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Curiosity has discovered organic matter on Mars

Molecules found by Curiosity on Mars have been confirmed as organic matter -- the building blocks of all known forms of terrestrial life.

By December 17, 2014


The 404 861: Where we're putting it all out there (podcast)

Have you ever received a phone call from a mystery number, but had no way to find out who was on the other side? A new online service called NumberGuru lets you perform a reverse number search to identify the source, and our friends from BeenVerified.com are in the studio to tell us all about it.

By July 15, 2011


The Carbon Age: Dark element, brighter future

New materials built on carbon's many forms will function as building blocks for cleaner batteries, water, and air. EnerG2 CTO Aaron Feaver outlines the green-tech opportunities.

By September 29, 2010


Space Station residents to drink recycled urine

NASA is testing a wastewater regeneration system that will clean astronauts' urine to make it drinkable. But will it really be "just as refreshing as any other kind of water"?

By November 14, 2008


Tracking food safety with clean tech

Purfresh, an ozone-purification company, makes Intellipur to monitor quality and sources of trouble related to food or drinks en route to grocery store shelves.

By July 25, 2008


Killing fungi softly, with ozone

Oxygen is cheap and plentiful--and a company in Livermore, Calif., is using it to kill pests on your fruit. Photos: Novazone's pest killer Video: How biopesticides work

By March 15, 2007


Vacuum-packed, and loving it

By July 25, 2006


Fill your tires with nitrogen

Fill your tires with nitrogen

By May 1, 2006


IBM stock rallies for copper chip

IBM's announcement that is has a new technology for making chips with copper instead of aluminum is well-received by investors, but is greeted with caution by analysts.

By September 22, 1997