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Foxconn admits interns worked overtime to assemble PS4

Students were given night and overtime shifts to put together parts for the PlayStation 4, a violation of Foxconn policy, the company has acknowledged.

By October 10, 2013


Foxconn riot spurs pledge on overtime pay

The Chinese company says that it will make overtime payments as it promised, and that it doesn't expect the melee to impact iPhone 5 shipments.

By September 26, 2012


Inside Scoop: iPhone 5 rumor mill works overtime

Another week, another iPhone 5 rumor. In this Inside Scoop, CNET's Kent German and Kara Tsuboi discuss the possibility of a larger screen size and speculate on a September release date.

By August 2, 2012


Apple's iPad event gets the rumor mills working overtime

We'll break down everything we've heard as the rumor hype hits an all-time high for Apple's next-gen iPad event. Is Apple getting into the car business as well? Plus our Gelaskins giveaway!

By March 5, 2012


E-mail after work hours? That's overtime, says law

A new Brazilian law says that workers who are forced to answer e-mails out of their work hours qualify for overtime.

By January 14, 2012


'60 Minutes' Overtime: Steve Jobs' advice to Larry Page

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' biographer Walter Issacson tells CBS "60 Minutes" what Jobs thought of his competitors and Jobs'reluctance to mentor Google's co-founder Larry Page.

October 21, 2011


LinkedIn pays $6M over employee wage violations

After a US Department of Labor investigation finds the social network violated federal wage law, the company pays workers overtime back wages and damages.

By August 4, 2014


Fujifilm F200 EXR, A150, A100: Sensors working overtime

The Fujifilm F200 EXR, anounced today along with the budget A150 and A100, tries to prove less is more with an image sensor that cuts down on megapixels when the going gets gloomy

3 Images By February 4, 2009


Working overtime for venture capital funding

Treb Ryan managed to sell a start-up for big bucks just as the dot-com boom was ending. But now, just getting funding for his current company is proving hard work.

By December 18, 2008


How Apple could further improve Siri

Commentary: Apple's often helpful voice assistant has gradually evolved overtime but can still be rather clueless. So what aspects of Siri could stand improvement?

By May 30, 2014