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Small overlap crash test

It might be the collision you least think about but, it's also the most dangerous of them all simply because of that.

By June 5, 2013


Schmidt: Chrome, Android to stay separate, but may overlap

Google's executive chairman also says that rumors he might be leaving the company are "completely false."

By March 21, 2013


Low Latency No. 60: Down in front

Apple's WWDC event is set to overlap with the largest video game expo on earth, E3. Is this case of coincidence or just flat-out disrespect?

By April 26, 2013


The great SXSW switcheroo: Geeks out, rockers in

Each year at South by Southwest, there's a sudden cultural shift as Interactive ends and Music begins. But for one 24 hour period, the two communities overlap.

By March 13, 2012


Find My Friends (iOS 5) versus Google Latitude (Android)

Once again, Apple's iOS 5 update borrows from Android when introducing a new feature, then adds a unique touch. Here's where the two friend-finding services overlap and diverge.

By October 17, 2011


TechCrunch 50 scheduled to overlap with Demo

Hot start-ups selected to demo at the San Francisco confab won't have to pay DemoFall's five-figure fee.

By April 2, 2008


California artist rebuilds world economy with antimatter

The overlap with the title of the blog I write for CNET, Matter/Antimatter, is completely coincidental.

By October 28, 2009


'American Idol' branding lands in Habbo

Demographic overlap is the driving force in the deal between the popular show and the teen-focused social-network service.

By January 15, 2009


Happiness is...Beatles version of 'Rock Band'

The overlap between Beatles fans and Rock Band fans is apparently bigger than you think.

By October 30, 2008


Mac OS X 10.4.2 (#15): New version of Disk Utility can fix "overlapped extent allocation" errors; more

Mac OS X 10.4.2 (#15): New version of Disk Utility can fix "overlapped extent allocation" errors; more

By August 8, 2005