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Overhyped: Internet TV, augmented reality, tablets

Is your most coveted gadget standing atop the peak of inflated expectations or wallowing in the dreaded trough of disillusionment? Gartner has some predictions.

By August 15, 2011


CrunchPad tablet allegedly revealed: Apple tablet killer or overhyped Netbook?

We started seeing prototype photos of the Crunchpad back in April. Since then we've seen precious little official news about the project, so it's small wonder that online tongues were wagging today about an article published by The Straits Times.

By July 31, 2009


'Community' is an overhyped word in software

The concept of "community" is all the rage these days, but it rarely presents itself as people suggest, and rarely delivers what its advocates believe.

By May 5, 2009


Back when open source truly was overhyped

There was a time when open source really was driven by myths and hype. 1999.

By July 25, 2008


Second Life: over-hyped or scientifically significant?

Second Life and other virtual reality worlds may have a long way to go to fulfill their hype, but as the first baby steps toward imitating our real world in cyberspace, they're significant achievements that demand close attention.

By September 4, 2007


Best smartphone cameras

CNET ranks the best five smartphones for taking your Instagrams to the next level.

By August 9, 2013


Sprint, Motorola to host event on June 9

Sprint and Motorola have sent out invites for a special event in New York on June 9. What will they unveil?

By May 25, 2011


Netflix suggests it could some day work with HBO

But HBO has no idea what Netflix is talking about. The pay TV service says it hasn't any plans to talk now or in the future.

By July 24, 2012


SEC fines Nasdaq $10M over Facebook IPO

Maybe Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff was right in saying that Facebook should have gone public on the New York Stock Exchange.

By May 29, 2013