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Get ready for Uber to hit overdrive with delivery biz

The app-centric ride service has built a network of cars that can carry people -- but in the future, it'll carry more than that.

By Dec. 10, 2013


Hands-on with the FreedomPop Overdrive Pro

It has potential, but Sprint's spotty coverage means it won't hit a home run for all users.

By May. 6, 2013


Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hot Spot

For road warriors, the Sprint Overdrive mobile hot spot offers reliable and fast 4G speeds, provided you live in a coverage area. If not, it does 3G, too; we just wish it had a longer battery life.

By Apr. 1, 2010

3.5 stars Editor's rating Apr. 1, 2010

Overdrive Gemini.SLI

Overdrive's HyperClocking techniques push the Gemini.SLI beyond its clock-speed potential, but it's still too expensive, especially with a few high-end staple parts being MIA.

By Apr. 21, 2006

3.5 stars Editor's rating Apr. 21, 2006

Pricing not available


Get a Virgin Mobile Overdrive Pro 3G/4G mobile hot spot for $83.99

That's the lowest price to date for this no-contract hot spot, which offers unlimited 4G service (where there's coverage) for as little as $35.

By Apr. 3, 2013


Ep. 1526: Prepare for Maximum Overdrive!

The sun is throwing out magnetic storms that could disrupt your GPS, your cell phone signals, and maybe even cause soda machines to kill you in extremely violent 1980s movie style. Just ... Google it. In other news, the World Wide Web turned 20 this weekend, the kids of today are learning to be hackers at DefCon, and if you buy virtual gold instead of earning it, the terrorists win. No, really, that's actually kind of true.

By Aug. 8, 2011


Crucial Gizmo Overdrive

The simple Gizmo Overdrive stores your documents without getting in the way.

By Aug. 2, 2006

2.5 stars Editor's rating Aug. 2, 2006

Pricing not available


Overdrive PC Torque SLI

It's more expensive and less flashy than other systems, but you simply can't beat the Overdrive PC Torque SLI's gaming performance.

By Aug. 10, 2005

4 stars Editor's rating Aug. 10, 2005

Pricing not available


Overdrive Torque 64

Gamers will find that the Overdrive Torque 64 turns in high-end performance for a midrange price.

By Dec. 3, 2004

3.5 stars Editor's rating Dec. 3, 2004

Pricing not available


OverDrive app for iOS: Free e-book downloads

Finally, a way to check out and read free e-books from public libraries, right on your iPhone--no iTunes required. But be prepared: setup's a hassle.

By Jan. 6, 2011