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Viber CEO takes on carriers' over-the-top attack

Over-the-top services like Skype voice calls or Viber messaging sap carrier revenues. But Talmon Marco said users are just going where the innovation happens.

By February 26, 2013


Google ad exec to take over top YouTube role, report says

Longtime Googler Susan Wojcicki has been named as the next head of YouTube.

By February 5, 2014


Xbox 720 to take over your set-top box, launched 26 April?

The next Xbox could take over your set-top box, and might be launched as soon as 26 April, according to today's next-gen console gossip.

By April 11, 2013


HP chairman to meet with top investors over board spat

Chairman Ray Lane, along with three board members, will meet with Hewlett-Packard's top investors to stop an attempt to unseat him.

By February 25, 2013


Windows 7 ups lead over XP as top OS

The current flavor of Windows continues to outpace XP after winning the top spot last month, according to the latest stats from Net Applications.

By October 1, 2012


iPhone 5 sales top 5M units over first weekend, Apple says

That's a million higher than the iPhone 4S, but probably still not enough to satisfy high expectations. More than 100 million devices have been upgraded to iOS 6, despite the maps flap.

By September 24, 2012


Nissan calls out 'Top Gear' over Leaf review

Nissan executive vice-president Andy Palmer asserts that Top Gear created its portrayal of the Nissan Leaf running out of electricity, rather than actually testing the car.

By August 3, 2011


Over half of Brits own a smart phone, Android still on top

Over half the population of Great Britain owns a smart phone, a survey suggests -- with Android the most popular OS.

By February 20, 2012


Tesla sues BBC over Top Gear's 'staged' Roadster conk-out

Tesla Motors has filed a lawsuit against the Beeb for libel and malicious falsehood, claiming the show misrepresented its Roadster electric car's true range and lied about a brake failure.

By March 31, 2011