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Outsource your chores

Too busy to clean your house or do your laundry? Outsource some of your domestic tasks through some clever new apps and websites. CNET.com's Kara Tsuboi reports her recommendations in the Tech Minute.

By July 17, 2014


Developer outsources job to China, watches cat videos

A "top developer" has been fired after it was discovered that he had been outsourcing his job to a company in China.

By January 16, 2013


Developer allegedly outsources his whole job to China, fired

A developer in the U.S. thought he was being clever by ensuring his whole job was done overseas, so that he could allegedly take on more jobs which he secretly outsourced overseas.

By January 16, 2013


Outsourcing your place in the iPhone 5 line

Waking up at the crack of dawn to wait in a long, snaking line for the newest iPhone...fuggedaboutit! CNET's Sumi Das tells you how people are paying for stand-ins. And we meet one hardy soul who's been camping out since Monday morning.

By September 20, 2012


How outsourcing is boosting prospects for Indian women

What started with the Indian services industry's attempts to attract talent through women-friendly policies now extends to all parts of the equality agenda.

By May 5, 2012


Valentine, don't sweat online dating: outsource

A company called Virtual Dating Assistants creates your online profile and manages your responses. All you have to do is, well, go on the date. How romantic.

By February 12, 2011


Microsoft outsources internal IT to Infosys

Help desk, desk-side services, infrastructure, and application support have been outsourced to the Indian firm.

By April 13, 2010


Speaking of outsourcing: Shipwire outsources the warehouse

A new shipping service for your online business

By January 31, 2007


Sprint outsources network to Ericsson

The seven-year deal is valued at up to $5 billion and transfers 6,000 Sprint employees to Ericsson, which will handle all day-to-day operations.

By July 10, 2009


Reducing IT infrastructure costs via outsourcing

New research shows that instead of cutting staff, IT leaders are leveraging new technologies like virtualization and cloud computing to deal with reduced budgets.

By May 7, 2009