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Zuckerberg outlines Facebook's ambitious 10-year plan

Within the next decade, the social network expects to have a few billion users, personalized ads, and a superintelligent search engine. It also says it'll be highly profitable.

By Jan. 30, 2014


Toyota outlines hydrogen fuel cell ambitions

At CES in Las Vegas, Toyota's Bob Carter shows a company mockup of its foray into hydrogen-based cars and discusses the challenges, getting the price down, and creating a viable refeuling infrastructure.

By Jan. 8, 2014


President Obama outlines four NSA reform initiatives

While talking about reforms for the intelligence community, the president says the NSA is following the law and not violating the Constitution.

By Aug. 9, 2013


Lexus outlines its vision for the car of the future

At CES in Las Vegas, Lexus VP Mark Templin discusses the company's plans for future car technologies. He says its "vision isn't a car that drives itself, but one equipped with an intelligent co-pilot."

By Jan. 10, 2013


Instagram CEO outlines revenue strategy

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, discusses how his photo-sharing startup plans to make money. He was interviewed by PandoDaily's Sarah Lacy at Business Insider's Ignition West.

Mar. 21, 2012


Panasonic outlines plans for reorg

Company will now be comprised of three divisions--in hopes of boosting revenue--rather than the five business units that currently make up its corporate structure.

By Apr. 28, 2011


Apple outlines some Thunderbolt limitations

New owners of Apple's Thunderbolt Cinema Display may wish to attach their older DisplayPort displays through it, but apparently this setup will not work.

By Sep. 16, 2011


Danish firm outlines two unpatched Safari vulnerabilities

Is the release of information on unpatched software vulnerabilities justified when a breakdown in communication occurs between research and development firms?

By Mar. 9, 2012


F-Secure outlines the 2011 Mac malware scene

Despite increases in Mac malware, the overall level for OS X is relatively minuscule; however, analysis shows a potential break from malware increases following the Mac's market share trend.

By Jan. 19, 2012


Microsoft outlines patent reform goals for U.S.

Redmond is well known as a vast holder of technology patents. But the company says the U.S. needs to make some drastic changes to its current system to stay competitive.

By Feb. 3, 2011